Look What’s Under This Rock: Ep. 1

Simogne Hudson

In this Episode, Simogne tracks down the PSU chief of public safety, Phil Zerzan to discuss PSU’s plans for its security force. During a time of political turmoil, she sees just how willing the chief is to get down and dirty with discussions of guns, race, rape, culture and more. What would a sworn police force really do for PSU campus and its inhabitants, and what does the boss say?

Scott Poole

Homelessness is a serious issue. Dealing with all the causes of homelessness seems like it would be impossible. This is one individual’s response to how life is for homeless people. For the sake of privacy, the individual asked to stay anonymous choosing to go by the codename: Aries.

Zachary Gough

Student debt in America has surpassed $1.2 trillion dollars, or more than the total amount of hard cash in circulation in the entire american economy. In other words, in order to completely pay off everyone’s student debt in cash, it would require every single printed bill in circulation. That’s everything in my pocket, your pocket, everything in every till of every grocery store across the country. So, If you’re not sure how you’re ever going to pay off your student debts, you are not a loan.

Kara Erny

Every year, pop culture conventions growing, and the “nerd” community becomes more prevalent. Among this community are cosplayers. Cosplay, meaning costume-play, involves dressing as a character and doing some amount of role play. Cosplayers face both an external and internal conflict in their community. It’s almost a given that they may be judged by those outside the community, but the conflict and judgement within the community is a force to be reckoned with. In this show, cosplayers reflect on their experiences and gives an intimate look into the cosplay community. Photo courtesy of Graphics Monster and Cloud City Photography.

Kasey Colton

Throughout our lives, the question of God and philosophical being arises in nearly everyone’s mind. Why do bad things happen if God is all good? Can science and God coexist? Who am I in the universe? As tensions between the religious and the non-religious rise, we dive into the unseen biases, difference opinions, and potential balance of our time.

Joel Cano

What was once thought to be everything from a lack of willpower in lazy people, to demons possessing someone to do something against their will. The one thing addiction has always been is present. In his series of reports for Look What’s Under This Rock, Joel Cano tries to drag the reality of addiction out of the shadows and into the light to be understood and addressed instead of stuffed away into the basements and closets of our collective psyche with hopes it can just be ignored, because it won’t.

Danny Shapiro

For those of you who don’t know, there is a skatepark under the East side of the Burnside bridge. Directly adjacent to the Northern edge of the skatepark; a twenty one story, multi use building is currently being constructed. This building raises questions of how the long established skate culture will be affected by this development, and how this development will be affected by the skate community. Are they working together? Or against each other? Danny Shapiro has the story.