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Literary Craft Books

  • How To Write A Sentence, Stanley Fish, ISBN 978-0061840548
  • Elements of the Writing Craft, Robert Olmstead, ISBN 978-1884910296
  • Zen In The Art Of Writing, Ray Bradbury, ISBN 978-055329634
  • Dynamic Characters, Nancy Kress, ISBN 978-1582973197
  • Writing Fiction, Janet Burroway, et al, ISBN 978-0321277367
  • Make a Scene, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, ISBN 978-1582974798
  • Line by Line, Claire Kehrwald Cook, ISBN 978-0395393918
  • Sin and Syntax, Constance Hale, ISBN 978-0385346894

More Definitions of Craft Elements

  • Narrative Technique: The way the writer drives the story forward.
  • Mannered Writing: Drawing attention to yourself (showing off your writing skills) and away from the writing’s content.
  • Emphasis: Focusing on a specific idea in a work.
  • Irony: Meaning is given by emphasizing the opposite meaning.
  • Inverted Sentence: Changing the order of the subject, verb and/or object in a sentence.
  • Point of View: The perspective from which a piece of writing is told.
  • Character: A person who exists in a piece of writing.
  • Plot: The way in which the sequence of events in a story are connected.
  • Setting: The location in which the piece of writing takes place, includes: cultural, terrain, and chronological aspects.
  • Dialogue: A verbal or non-verbal between at least two characters.
  • Style: The manner in which a story is expressed.
  • Theme: The main topic(s) of a piece of writing.
  • Motif: A symbolic element of significance to the story that is used repeatedly.
  • Tone: The author’s attitude toward the piece of writing.
  • Juxtaposition: Putting two things next to each other in a piece of writing to create a new meaning.
  • Pacing: The speed at which events in a story happen.