Look What’s Under This Rock: Ep. 2

Zachary Gough

Student debt has surpassed 1.2 trillion dollars in the US. On average, students in Oregon graduate with 25 to 27 thousand dollars in loans. But PSU students have been partnering with the Working Families Party to find a viable solution.

Joel Cano

Joel tries to gain perspective concerning addiction from local law enforcement; rebuked, he finds a work around. He also finds an organization of former law enforcers at every imaginable level trying to flip the paradigm of drugs, crime and punishment.

Scott Poole

Homelessness is a very serious issue. An issue that most claim will always exist. Tonight we’ll listen to how things are changing and what is happening in Oregon to help our homeless populations. Up next is a story by Scott Poole titled “Legal Differences.”

Kara Erny

People always say “don’t knock it ‘til you try it” and that’s the kind of attitude many people who join cosplay have. Cosplay, short for costume play, is something that many people have a skewed understanding about. While many cosplayers have the commonality of creating costumes, their interests past that can vary incredibly. Today, Kara Erny will be talking with Ryan Wells about how he found the cosplay community through his interest in movies and about a few other aspects of the cosplay community.

Danny Shapiro

Danny Shapiro continues his conversation with Mark Scott, Kevin Larkin, Rocco Carravelli, and some local skaters on the potential issues of this developing relationship. How the physical immediacy will affect both parties positively and negatively. And the skatepark anniversary: beer, punk rock, and fireworks.

Simogne Hudson

In this episode, Simogne Hudson explores PSU’s history of activism and police resistance through archival footage and hard-to-find news stories. We’ll hear words and stories of historic PSU community members, including Charlotte Rutherford and Andrew Haynes, as well as audio from a 1966 PSU panel discussion on student protest movements. We’ll also hear from Julie Perini and Erin Yanke, two of the makers of Arresting Power, a documentary film about police brutality and police resistance here in Portland, Oregon.

Kasey Colton