Look What’s Under This Rock: Ep. 3

Danny Shapiro

In this final episode of our Burnside conversations, Danny Shapiro wraps up statements by Mark Scott, Kevin Larkin, and Rocco Carravelli. With upcoming Burnside fundraising, and potential additions to the park Mark and Rocco elaborate on similar goals. And Kevin informs us of his role as well.

Kara Erny

Cosplay, or costume play, is a very diverse community. While there is a stigma that it’s mainly teens college students who partake, some individuals offer a different perspective and challenge that stereotype. This week, Kara will be talking with Beverly Downen about her experience cosplaying with her husband and his two children, and how cosplay has affected her and her family’s lives.

Joel Cano

Joel wraps up his series of stories Perspectives on Addiction, and he is getting used to lack of communication. He can’t say he didn’t learn something though. In this third and last episode Joel sought to obtain perspectives from clinical professionals in the fields of treatment, psychology or behavioral sciences.

Scott Poole

In this episode Scott touches on homelessness from another perspective and leave us with some food for thought
Using the US Census and other databases Scott interprets statistics and breaks them down. Let’s see what he found.

Simogne Hudson

On the third installment of PSU in blue, Simogne talks to Walidah Imarisha about the history of Oregon as a white homeland, the history and structure of law enforcement in America, and possible solutions for PSU’s own current state of affairs around guns. She also has a guest appearance by her friend Bruce, who gives us some perspective on the whole “not all cops are bad” argument.